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“To not teach dance is to remove the possibilities for expression, to starve the child’s vocabulary, and to paint the child into a corner where his or her body simply becomes a mode of transport for the one part of the child that we value in school… their head.  To teach dance is to keep alive the artist that lives in every child and that, once upon a time, lived in every adult too.”                                         

For Teachers in Schools: Why Do We Have to Do This? by Emily Caruso Parnell 


For almost 20 years, CABRI Creative Dance has awakened the joy of movement in students, has guided dancers and dance instructors to elevate their skills, and has taught adults easily learnt brain and body connected movements to enhance wellness and creative thinking.

Founder Annemarie Cabri’s teaching method integrates her background as a professional ballet and contemporary dancer, along with her training in Brain Compatible Dance Education and her extensive experience leading classes for students and teachers.

From Toronto, ON, to Victoria, BC, CABRI Creative Dance has customized programs for numerous schools and arts organizations in Canada, including The National Ballet of Canada Company, Royal Winnipeg Ballet School, Ballet Victoria, The Stratford Festival, The National Arts Centre, Ottawa School of Dance, Lakefield College, Toronto Catholic Board, Maria Montessori, Greater Toronto School District, and Greater Victoria School District.

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