For Educators

CABRI Creative Dance offers workshops for educators on how to enhance their students’ learning by integrating brain compatible dance education methods and activities in their classrooms.

Participants will gain insight into the neurological connections between movement and learning, and will learn brain compatible strategies and exercises that can be easily implemented by non-dance teachers in any educational environment, regardless of course subjects or students’ ages.

Workshop topics include:

  • What is Brain Compatible Dance Education
  • Power Moves for the Brain at Any Age
  • A 5-Step Lesson Plan that Maximizes Learning in Any Classroom

These workshops are ideal for professional development events and educational conferences, and can be customized to your school or organization’s interests, schedule, and budget.  Handouts will be provided.  Music and teaching charts  are available at additional costs.

Past participants who have benefitted from the Cabri Creative Dance Program for Educators have come from diverse backgrounds, including generalist, art history, creative writing, music and physical education teachers.

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